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Strategic packaging engineers are eager to evaluate your packaging application.  We  will e-mail our evaluation back to you today. Our objective is to  increase your companies efficiencies while reducing costs associated with flexible packaging. Give us a try.......it's free.

This application form has been designed to give our packaging engineers the information necessary to design a packaging system that meets your requirements. Please fill out only those questions that relate to your specific application.

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Please tell us the product size(s) by length, width, and height. Also please give us the weight, and any special considerations that might be involved with handling your product. If there are multiple products, indicate the smallest, average, and largest dimensions and specifics.

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Application Specifics

Typical number of pieces per package(s):

What is the delivering source of product to the packaging station?

The package will primarily be: (check all that apply)
retail package industrial package protective package other:

Packaging Speed is rated in units per 50 minute hour, please indicate:
Current production speeds per hour :, Target production speed per hour :

Current Method of Packaging:

Current Equipment Being Utilized:

Overall Goals in acquiring flexible packaging machinery:

Currently, what materials are used in your packaging process?
Shrink Film
Polyolefin Polypropylene PVC Polyethylene Centerfold Single Wound

Polyethylene Polypropylene Wicketed Bags on a Roll Metalized Laminated
Anti-Static Corrosive Inhibitor Food Grade Header Bag Gusseted Bag

Skin Film
Surlyn Polyethylene SBS retail board SBS industrial Corrugated

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